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Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

(no subject)

November 15th, 2007 (11:21 pm)

Right. So this journal sort of went dead. But Nyssa is still in play (by me) as: artfulscientist. Go and friend her!

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

(no subject)

September 16th, 2007 (11:07 pm)

Testing one, two, three?

Can you hear me?

Am I alive?

Was I missed?

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

(no subject)

July 6th, 2007 (01:17 pm)

Guess who has to write prompts? I've been SWAMPED. But things are coming soon. Promise.

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

From Around. Classic Dame.

June 10th, 2007 (03:47 pm)

Your Score: Myrna Loy

You scored 14% grit, 28% wit, 33% flair, and 38% class!

You are class itself, the calm, confident "perfect woman." Men turn and look at you admiringly as you walk down the street, and even your rivals have a grudging respect for you. You always know the right thing to say, do and, of course, wear. You can take charge of a situation when things get out of hand, and you're a great help to your partner even if they don't immediately see or know it. You are one classy dame. Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant, you little simmerpot, you.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the
Classic Leading Man Test.

Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

Ahem. [theatrical muse]

June 8th, 2007 (09:29 pm)
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my feelings: pissed off

Whoever thinks harming a child is a bright idea is in for a seriously rude awakening when I get to them.

For everyone else? I seem to have come to possess a six year old "bird kid". That is, she is two percent avian and ninety-eight percent human.

Doctor? Any of you? I wouldn't mind a few extra pairs of hands and professional opinions.

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]


June 4th, 2007 (03:59 pm)
my feelings: creative

Hello there. My name is Nyssa. Nyssa of Traken (of_traken). I’ve come to understand that I have collected a number of nominations for the Tammy Awards (realm_of_tammys) and I could not be more flattered! Thank you all so very much!

My mun and I are very grateful for the chance to participate and I assure you we both blushed quite a bit upon noting the number of nominations I received. So, thank you all for the support. The least that I can do is fight to claim a few awards for myself and help to campaign for my friends!

SECTION ONE: Visual SleazeCollapse )

SECTION THRE: Fun StuffCollapse )

SECTION FOUR: CouplesCollapse )

So? Why should you vote for me?

Let’s find out!Collapse )

Who else should you vote for?

thecricketer, beige_doc, ninewho, ninth_doctor, rude_not_ginger, trion_exile, ibringlife, theatrical_muse, oncoming_storms

My counterpart, thelostinnocent, would also like you to vote for her despicable Master-esque lover darkdoctor. I have nothing against relativespace though! Vote for any of those lovely people!

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

More Promotion for the Tammy's

May 26th, 2007 (11:27 am)
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I'm going to be compiling a list of a few nominations/votes that I would really like to see Nyssa, the Fifth Doctor (thecricketer), and Turlough (trion_exile) receive. This is just so that in the flurry of New Who Lovers the Old School pups won't be forgotten.

Visual Sleeze
Best Smile - thecricketer
Best Legs - of_traken
Hottest Looking Alien - trion_exile (male), of_traken (female)

Sex, Smut, and Sluts (I promise that's the last time you'll see such a thing in Nyssa's journal)
Most Sexually Vanilla - thecricketer (male), of_traken (female)

Fun Stuff
Best Dancer - of_traken

Couples and Relationships
Favorite New Couple - thecricketer/of_traken
Favorite Threesome - thecricketer/of_traken/trion_exile
Couple So Sweet they Make Your Teeth Hurt - thecricketer/of_traken
Favorite Date Thread - http://thecricketer.livejournal.com/5278.html

And I think that's it. I encourage others to vote for the Five Era pups in anything they want, but those stuck out the most. So! =D Have at it.

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

Shameless Self-Promotion

May 26th, 2007 (10:59 am)

Despite the lovely promotion by rude_not_ginger on behalf of the Doctor Who pups about Livejournal, I thought I would do my own share of promotion.

Certainly New Who is charming...But remember the classics while voting at the realm_of_tammys. Take a trip with the Doctor with the feckless charm:

And remember: of_traken/thecricketer are easily the cutest couple.
Need a few reasons why?

Still stuck on who to vote for? Try one of these:

...It's not particularly important to any of us. But I would like to see thecricketer pick up at least one nomination (and award, but I shan't push my luck). Please; spare my Doctor a few votes.

Thank you.

Video made by: mhrkara set to Royksopp's "Remind Me".

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

(no subject)

May 24th, 2007 (06:36 pm)
my feelings: cold

...I've never felt further from him.

Nyssa of Traken [userpic]

OS Prompt VII: Fashion Statement

May 24th, 2007 (12:52 am)

my feelings: helpless

Her clothes change with the years that pass, not that you have ever noticed it. She came to you in a fairy skirt and hues of purple and red, and she left you in her ivory undergarments. She came to you a child and left you a woman…Her fashion was a cocoon, harboring the woman she was always meant to be, and she wanted so desperately to share her transformation with you.

You’re terribly inattentive though. Or perhaps you chose to ignore her metamorphosis? That would be just your style, wouldn’t it be? Because sharing something so personal from right there, beside her, would put you on uneven footing and you do so like to be in control in the end.

When the child came to you she wore her hair in tight ringlets and the loosening of them over the time she travelled at your side was a mark of her growing maturity. By the time the woman pulled in to kiss you goodbye her curls were soft about her face and shoulders. You only think about it when it’s said and done.

She wanted so badly to impress you.

She still does.

The fairy skirt was shed in favor of a pair of velvet trousers and she held tight to her heritage for a good long while. When you left the Australian air-stewardess behind, back home where she belonged, she changed her style again. She teetered between her familiar court clothing and more daring outfits.

She wore a sundress for your cricket match, her hair done up. You didn’t notice until she pointed it out, and even then you didn’t give her the compliment she had hoped for. When she wore jeans you scorned her, you called her common and her feelings were hurt despite the strong exterior she showed you.

Stripes were her next endeavor. She tried to show off the colors and the skirt but you said nothing, too focused on your coordinates.

“You look different.”

She accepts it, reluctantly. For all she knows you never did decide what was different.

She likes light blue. It reminds her of the sky, clean and clear and she wears it now instead of her stripes. She’s stopped expecting you to take notice, but she hasn’t stopped trying to impress you.

She hasn’t stopped trying to convey her growth to you.

Perhaps she’s simply waiting for you to tell her she’s beautiful.

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